Outside Plant Services

Directional Drilling

With directional drilling services, we can bore over, under or around buried utilities and buildings to create safe and efficient conduits for fiber optic cable.


We’re equipped to dig trenches in all types of environments, from dense urban areas that require deep trenching to rural areas more suited to long-haul trenching.

Micro Trenching

For areas where conduit must run and there is pavement from wall to wall, or in areas where the pavement repair should be as minimal as possible, micro trenching is a great solution to have little post installation impact. The pavement repair is setup and ready for traffic within 60 minutes. Due to the width, there is no sinking or post repair sinking. This solution can go as deep as 18" depending on soil conditions.

Professional Hand Hole Installation

Handholes are underground vaults that provide access to fiber optic cable and other utilities for splicing & repairs.

Vacuum excavation

A technology that uses a high-velocity air stream to break up and remove soil, vacuum excavation is one of our preferred ways to dig quickly and efficiently without damaging any existing underground utilities.

Vibratory Plow

As opposed to the trenching, the vibratory plow divides the ground to insert the conduit or direct bury cable. Great for long distances with little distrubance to the ground.

Aerial Construction

We are equipped to install, maintain and overlash aerial fiber optic cabling.

Locating Services

Conduting a pre-exavaction locating service or simply providing a block of hours for privately owned systems Division 27 is your premier locating partner.

Professional Project Management and OSP Design

Professional Project Management of Outside Plant Installation and Design.