Some of our IT Solutions

Ark Backups

The first ever delivery service for backups. Organizations with mission critical data, we can meet a custom SLA to deliver anywhere in the United States. Use our mission critical delivery service, or simply as an air-gapped offsite for download at your convenience.

Erate Eligible 

Division 27 is registered with the FCC as a Service Provider for USAC Erate.

Rural Health
Rural Health Eligible

Division 27 is registered with the FCC as a Service Provider for USAC Rural Health.

Managed WiFi
Erate Eligible

E-rate covered managed services to assist with managing your WiFi network, diagnostics, keeping firmware updates fresh and a single point of contact to call if there is any trouble.

Erate Eligible  Rural Health Eligible

The first ever documentation for schools, libraries and Rural Hospitals. 40% of IT time is finding information. Now you can get to everything you need to manage your network fast, efficient and secure. Contact Division 27 for a trial for your IT operation.

Mass Communications

Untangle the mess of building safety which requires careful planning, effective tools, and an efficient response. Division 27 is partnered with the leading brands in mass communciations. We can assist with the installation, configuration and deployment of a mass communication tool. Enhance physical security and improve day-to-day communication in schools by providing a unified solution for bell schedules, mass notifications, one-touch lockdown system, desktop and mobile alerts, live paging and pre-recorded announcements, automatic weather alerts, and more – all while leveraging your existing network infrastructure. Want to also tie into your paging, digital signage, and other end points? We are your one stop shop!

Division 27 is a premiere partner for SchoolBusMarket and gives you the tools you need to easily work through liquidating surplus IT equipment.

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